Year of Plant Health 2020

This 2020 has been declared by FAO as the International Year of Plant Health under the slogan: Protect plants. Protect life.

The wellness of plants affects many key areas for the correct future development of the planet. Plant health protection can help end hunger, reduce poverty, protect the environment and stimulate economic development.

Plants are the beginning of any final product belonging to the agri-food value chain, so their well-being affects both the quality and the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the agri-food value chain. The global paradigm shift is evident and the increased demand for healthy and sustainable food is a reality, which is why the global agri-food industry must adapt to this new situation. This situation must be promoted by governments, consumers and companies, fundamental pillars for the agri-food value chain.

Our eco-sustainable agronomic management allows Econatur Ikerketa to be positioned as a committed start-up with the aim of achieving excellent plant health, having an impact on improving the properties of the final food, through the use of natural products and eco-sustainable management of the crop. Innovative start-ups think about the future and make our commitment to revolutionize the agri-food value chain available to society by integrating cutting-edge scientific knowledge, R & D & I and social commitment. The new revolution facing the agri-food industry will be carried out by local companies that think globally.

At Econatur Ikerketa we want to raise awareness locally, nationally and internationally about how plant welfare can help farmers improve their quality and profitability in crops while ending the social injustices of the rural world.