Ecosustainable agriculture strategic design

Individualized strategic design of ecosustainable solutions for the improvement of farms thanks to the power of natural chemistry, using less harmful solutions for the environment and biodiversity, while meeting the objectives of farms in biological control, growth Vegetable or quality of the final product.

The design and development of a strategic plan to maximize the profitability of the agri-food industry is essential for companies, not only must it be more efficient in the value chain of the primary sector, but also an efficient management of waste, minimizing the cost by revaluing food industry waste by focusing on the circular economy of the sector.

The circular economy is an opportunity for the development of strategies that benefit companies economically and the planet environmentally, addressing waste management as possible products for industries with other characteristics.
In order to do this, Econatur Ikerketa has an extensive knowledge in the use of waste, backed by the experience of the Econatur Corporation and the research projects accomplished.

The strategic design based on the circular economy model complements the services offered. By developing research projects with waste, a product or knowledge is obtained that can be transferred back to the agri-food industry thus closing the circle in which a traditional disadvantage becomes a competitive advantage for companies, making profitable the elaboration process.

A strong corporate commitment to our values makes the circular economy a strategic objective and a value, benefiting society with the transfer of knowledge, to the food industry with a reduction in costs and an increase in profitability. Consequently it creates business synergies and public-private partnerships, improving the scientific knowledge of the agri-food sector focused on technology transfer, ecosustainability and the circular economy.

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