Agri-food research projects

Development of research projects focused on increasing quality or safety in the agri-food value chain, either through product or process innovation and through the use of natural solutions. All this in collaboration with cutting-edge technology centers and companies in the agri-food sector.

The research and subsequent development of products or services must comply with the standards of quality and social, economic and environmental commitment of the company. This is essential to be able to carry out an ecosustainable transformation of the sector, without damaging the yields of agri-food farms. Thus, it is ensured that at all times, the novel approaches adopted are beneficial to the people, properties and qualities of food.

High level research, together with a strong innovation component, this is the framework in which Econatur Ikerketa wants to make scientific advances.
  • Address the needs and demands of the agri-food industry
  • Develop an ecosustainable customized solution, obtaining greater economic profitability.
  • All under the umbrella of scientific knowledge and know-how developed by the Econatur Corporation, its collaborations with technological centers of excellence and other leading companies in the sector.

The transfer of knowledge from basic research cores to global market must be coordinated effectively and efficiently, obtaining a final result that benefits society and the planet.

At Econatur Ikerketa, we consider it of vital importance that the research and innovation projects developed are clearly aligned with the corporate values of the company in question, since this is a key factor for decision-making, economic and scientific feasibility of the project.

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