Research and development

In Econatur Ikerketa, research and development are a fundamental pillar for the execution of an effective service, discovering new innovative natural solutions. These solutions are applied in the agri-food industry, helping to meet the standards set by the company.

We are an innovative company in search of new challenges. We are passionate about research and technology transfer, so we carry out projects in collaboration with other leading companies and technology centers in the agri-food sector.

The R&D is in the DNA of the Econatur Corporation. With Econatur Ikerketa, we go a step further in this concept, being from its birth, an innovative company, which knows its capabilities and collaborates with golden technological centers or other companies of similar philosophy.

From Econatur Ikerketa we consider that research, development and innovation are essential tools for:

  • Offer new more ecosustainable solutions.
  • Anticipate the changing global framework.
  • Improve the global environment around us.
  • Greater scientific knowledge of unknown natural processes.

All this under a clear purpose of benefit to society and the planet.

At Econatur Ikerketa we work under the commitment to maximize the transfer of technology, so that society and the planet can benefit from the latest advances in the agri-food industry.

The scientific knowledge of the natural molecular mechanisms that regulate the biological and physiological processes whereby plants pass along their growth, means that thanks to specific techniques and natural solutions, we can influence any key parameter to our clients and influence in the food sector since the beginning of the value chain of any food product. All healthy food begins with an ecosustainable agricultural management, thanks to which different products can be influenced, such as the improvement of the nutritional quality of animal pastures, meaning that the products obtained from these animals are of better quality, with a reduction in costs.