Agricultural biostimulants

Agricultural biostimulants are not a novel technology, but they are unknown to many of the Spanish farmers. Therefore, you should know this type of natural products well, the benefits they offer and how they are used.

Biostimulants are essential to transform agri-food production, focusing on improving the efficiency of a crop through improving plant well-being.

The differences between biostimulants and fertilizers are sometimes diffuse, so a simple explanation helps to understand the great advance that these products represent.

Biostimulants aim to improve the plant’s nutrient absorption mechanisms and improve tolerance to biotic stress. Biostimulation is applied in small amounts, normally being a few liters per hectare and improving the absorption and translocation of nutrients.

Instead, fertilizers aim to provide the necessary nutrients to the plant without infusing an improvement in tolerance to biotic stress. Fertilizers are used in large amounts per hectare and are essential in nutrition and cell wall formation.

At Econatur Ikerketa we use biostimulants to reduce the use of plant protection products, improving the plant’s own abilities to nourish itself and to defend itself against external adversities. Integrating the best and most innovative products into our operations is essential to be at the forefront of agricultural technology that is increasingly evolving towards sustainability and efficiency. Thanks to this type of products, the phytosanitary load of a crop has been reduced. Improving the productivity and quality of a crop through sustainable agricultural inputs, such as Econatur biostimulants, with the environment is a fact that can be achieved with the advice of experts in the field, since the correct use of these biostimulants It is more complex than the use of traditional fertilizer products that are still commercialized, so the advice of an expert is essential to get the most out of the biostimulant and your crop.

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