Econatur Ikerketa is a biotechnological start-up created to promote a sustainable agricultural model, based on a precision agricultural and technological management system. All this combined with a comprehensive approach from the use of natural extracts as agricultural inputs and obtaining healthy and nutritious food with authentic flavour.


Mission: Lead the change to an efficient ecosustainable agricultural system based on plant health, knowledge of plant physiology, ecosustainable management and development of a new generation of natural protection and nutrition for plants.

Vision:  Improve people’s health through agriculture by the implementation of ecosustainable and cost-effective solutions based on scientific-technical knowledge, which allows to obtain healthy foods.


  • Ecosustainability
  • Circular Bioeconomy
  • Research, Development and Innovation
  • Effectiveness and efficiency
  • Environmental and Social Commitment

Objective: Revalue the value chain of the agri-food industry through quality, ecosustainable scientific and agronomic advice, being respectful with society and environment.

All this is translated in the development of a competitive advantage for our clients based on the quality and profitability of the crops. Healthy foods from sustainable agricultural systems.

Ecocatur Ikerketa was born in 2018, under the scope of the Econatur Corporation. The company was created more than 20 years ago, dedicated to the production of agricultural inputs from natural extracts and development of agricultural management techniques, offering comprehensive ecosustainable solutions. It is a pioneer in the market of natural agrochemicals for sustainable agriculture since 1999. Among them, physiological biostimulants, advanced nutrition and crop biocontrol products stand out. The corporation currently markets its products in more than 20 countries and has more than 1,500 m² of laboratories equipped with the latest technology, 6 international patents, bioclimatic chambers, a 6ha experimental farm, experimental greenhouse and a multidisciplinary team composed of doctors, biologists, agronomists, chemists and biotechnologists.


Juan Nieto
CEO. Founder of Econatur in 1999 as a pioneer company in the research, development and manufacturing of inputs for sustainable, high efficiency and quality agriculture, with the aim of improving the health of people.
José Ramón Fernández
Manager of R&D department. Doctor in Biology, with more than 20 years of experience in research, innovation and management within the food and health sector.
Jaime Delgado Rodríguez
Business Development Manager. Biotechnologist with a master's degree in Bioenterprise and entrepreneurship, aware of development models based on circular bioeconomics.
Roberto Ruiz-Clavijo Díez
Technical Department Manager. Agronomist and farmer with more than 25 years of experience in ecosustainable crop management.